Here is the innovative product we are offering:

  • You can purchase electric and natural gas commodity service from LP&L. The term will be month to month and the rate will vary monthly in response to market conditions.
  • There are no enrollment fees for taking service from LP&L
  • You are free to terminate service with LP&L at any time and for any reason, and there will be NO termination fees.
  • The utility will continue to deliver the supply purchased from LP&L, issue a consolidated bill and respond to leaks and emergencies--just like they do now.
  • There will be no reduction in the quality and safety of commodity service

Lexington Power & Light serves both the commercial and residential utility markets by providing electric and natural gas supply, while utilizing your existing utility company's delivery infrastructure. We work in conjunction with your local utility company to ensure the delivery of safe reliable energy you and your family can depend on.

From domestic sourcing, and job creation to ensuring that your rates are the lowest they can be,
Lexington Power & Light puts people before profits and we are proud to serve each and every one of our residential and commercial customers.

When it comes to your family, you only want the best, but sacrificing convenience for savings isn't good for anyone. When you use Lexington Power & Light for your energy supplier you’ll see NO interruption in service, and you'll still receive a bill from the same utility company that you're used to. You'll even use the same customer service numbers you've always used. We work behind the scenes and your utility company will do the rest. No frustrations on your end. It doesn't get much better than that!

Choose Lexington Power & Light for your Commercial Energy Provider

Lexington Power & Light's extensive knowledge of the energy marketplace, and local regulations make us the most reliable, and cost effective choice as the provider for your commercial energy supply. We offer the dependability your business demands, and prices that will positively impact your bottom line.

Our various supply options include 1, 2, and even 3 year fixed contracts, which give you budget certainty, and protection from market volatility. We also offer variable product pricing, when you need more flexibility in your budget.

Working with LP&L gives you freedom of choice, power you can depend on, and a positive impact on your net operating income (NOI).

Choose Lexington Power & Light for your Commercial Energy Provider